The Prime Agora

The Agora (/ˈæɡərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά Agorá) was a central spot for assembly or gathering in ancient Greek city-states.

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Price: Free Language: English



The literal meaning of the word AGORA is “gathering place” or “assembly”. The agora in Greece was the centre of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city. The Ancient Agora of Athens was the best-known example.


The PRIME AGORA is an online centre for information, enquire, exchange, collaboration and innovation. It calls back principles of the ancient and primordial, beyond ages and cultures of known history. The Prime Agora: where nature, life, family, culture, peace care and heritage are the main values followed by clans, tribes, communities, cities, cultures. nations, organisations and governments. 

The Prime Agora is dedicated to assembly and e-learning from the point of view and on topics suggested as relevant for the care of peace, family, culture, life and heritage; as suggested by the Prime Culture, (Primordial culture of human kind) and its wisdom, knowledge and technology (Prime Technology):


The Prime agora will focus on prime culture and prime technology applications for the development of prime corporations ( Prime business), and prime culture

As well the Prime Agora will be dedicated to study within its main focus to the fields of peace, family, culture, life care and heritage, global sustainable development, multicultural development and integration, global citizenship, human civilization upgrade, science, technology, education, arts, human rights, ethics, governance, prime self union.

At this page you will find a brief review and urls on Prime Tech and Prime Culture.

SEASON TOPIC @ Prime Agora 2015 Fall

Every season a main topic will be suggested. The Topic for main discussion this season will be : The Prime Peace (Peace based on primal, primordial life and nature principles, human heart based consciousness in prime self union with the source of all that is has been and will be within our own hearts.) is suggested by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken as the solution for human species survival, evolution, civilization upgrade. Prime peace is designed,  implemented, developed, from the point of view of the prime culture and by the application of prime technology and the principles that governs it. Prime peace projects are dedicated to care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage

Please review as well the Prime Corporation:  Prime Corporation is the name used in general for the design of a business, or project or government based on nature principles, nature laws, human heart based consciousness, prime peace (prime pax) and family.

PRIME PAX, Peace Eirene/ˈrni/GreekΕἰρήνηEirēnē[eːrɛ́ːnɛː]lit. "Peace"). She was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopiasceptre, and a torch or rhyton. She is said sometimes to be the daughter of Zeus and Themis. Her Roman equivalent was Pax.


At the Prime Agora, the modules for assembly, discussion or training are organized in  "HALLS". dedicated to:


  • Enquire, sharing, discussion on modern necessary topics that impact human kind in the fields of peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.
  • Nine+ fields of study of human societies and cultures, scientific and social, spiritual and personal development world wide. 9+ complexity of human factor individual and collective. How the current events and those from human history change our future and the destiny of human species.
  • Solutions with tangible impact in human kind, global culture, are presented.
  • Tools for Self-assessment, indicators of the Prime Tech Standard. How ready are you for becoming a peace worker and  and manage a prime corporation or prime business? how to care for pace, family, culture, life and heritage?
  • GYM9 Trainings that will help you enhance or develop new abilities. 9 Minutes trainings you can do every day. 
  • LARP Life Action Role Play missions designed to help you understand, discover, explore or solve issues of global importance along your daily life journey.
  • Unique GYM9 Trainings core practices in Prime Tech, Prime Culture and Prime Corporation trainings
  • A foundation training for a prime peace activist and volunteer. You live abroad traveling or active on the internet, you may like to play a role of positive influence in your location.  Prime Peace volunteers and activists care for providing training and resources to locations around the world and online, where peace is needed; as for in 2015 it means every one of the countries and locations of earth planet where humans live.
  • By Applying the Prime Tech Standard, indicators for assessment, according to your participation, completion of tasks, workbooks, modules or rooms, you will receive points and the possibility to become eligible for a Rank Training. Along the rank training you will receive specialised training, tools and missions, for a rank assessment. After the assessment you will be able to engage into prime peace projects.
Every season modules may change or be added
  • PRIME AGORA: Topic of the season/month, discussion moderated based on the 9 elements. Participants are welcome to suggest their solutions and join collaboration.
    • Welcome
    • Prime Agora communication and collaboration rules
    • Topic of the month/season presentation
    • Moderated discussion
    • Suggestion of solutions
    • Collaboration workshops
  • Prime Agora Enquire 101. Review of 9+ key enquire modules
  • Prime Agora LARP. Basic rules,how to play the game ?
  • Prime Peace 101 
  • Prime Peace & Global Sustainable Development 101. Enquire 9+ modules for each field
  • Prime Corporation 101
  • Prime Culture 101. 
  • Prime Technology 101.
  • Prime Tech Applied 101. Make it tangible: (Prime Tech EXPO) 9+ enquire modules for: Prime love, Prime Arts, Prime Do, Prime Nurturing, Prime Corporation, Prime Yoga, Prime Travel, Prime Land, Prime Peace, Prime Games, Prime Rank, Prime Language, Prime Archeology ...
  • Prime Tech Standard, Prime Rank, Assessment tools
  • e-Books review. Discussion and training on e-books content ( The Golden Age Library )
  • Video and Films review. Discussion and training on videos and films content ( The Golden Age Library )
  • Arts, media review ( The Golden Age Library )
  • Culture & Civilization 
  • Prime Agora Collaboration Space.  

Course details



Offers to its attendees 9 halls where to join the assembly, discussions, learning, training or play.

Each Hall has tasks or modules, in the form of: questions, discussions,  9 minutes trainings or missions (game)


Up to 9 modules or tasks, in total, within any or some of the Halls of the Prime Agora.


By completing modules, taking missions, or participating in discussions, attendees will receive points that can be trade by gift certificates.  For example Gift certificates for 9 more tasks. 


Play the game, gain points and trade them for quartals.


50.00 / Quartal ( 3 months ) (*)

(*) Remember if you complete e-learning modules or participate in assembly you will receive points you may trade for quartals subscription fees.



A new module will be published in the PRIME AGORA HALLS (see the list of Halls above)

From human rights, training for peace work (skills), resilience, global citizenship, quality of living, worker rights, consciousness, awareness, collaboration, law, governance, history, assessment tools, mythology, culture, language. (see FOCUS)

Amount of Work

The Prime Agora is suggested as an e-Learning & e-Forum (AGORA) that increased, develops and add content every week according to own process of communication and collaboration


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Time Line :


  • Business & Culture Consultant
  • Coach, Trainer, Mentor
  • Peace & Human rights activist
  • Artist, story teller, traveler, author, futurist
  • Yoga, meditation and martial arts trainer


LUIS has been living abroad traveling since 1997 and providing training since 1987, author and public spiritual teachings since 2007. Has been dedicated to the research of mythological and ancient cultures, as well to the development of a technology based on nature principles and human consciousness, and its applications for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.

In 2011, after several years living abroad and traveling as an entrepreneur and working as business consultant, trainer, coach; LUIS decided to apply all his knowledge and experience to peace. The development of his peace work had the following stages, until reached total integration with prime technology and prime culture know how as Prime Pax, or Prime Peace in 2015.

  • 2012, Austria, Living Abroad Traveling, Peace Author
  • 2013, Germany, Presse Huette Mutlangen, Development (upgrade) trainings: 1. non violence, 2. emotional self-management, 3. conscious sexuality 4. prime do martial art for peace 5. the art of peace
  • 2014, Russia, Peace work, training on nature principles applied for community building and project development, and non violence practices
  • 2014, Finland, Peace work, 9 gatherings of peace, Training on non violence and peace: The art of peace ( 27 hrs production meditative arts for peace performance and lectures audio recordings)
  • 2015, Finland, Online, “All you need is love”, peace campaign. Meditative conscious love making and foreplay with the heart for peace.
  • 2015, Finland. Prime Pax, Prime Peace.